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Lisa Hats all started a few years back when I began using my artistic inspiration to create hats and accessories to match my outfits.  Out in Ibiza a few people asked me to make them personalised hats and beachwear and then friends of their friends placed orders and the rest is history!

I have had the privilege of making hats for some incredible people including Kathy Sledge (Sister Sledge), Rat Pack, MC Chalkie White, DJ Chalk E Whyte, Mr C, Danny Lines, Lisa Loud and many more.        

I love the process of making hats as I can be really creative in bringing out the personalities of the people I am making them for.  I absolutely love it when people receive their hat and then seeing how great they look on event pictures.

Lots of love Lisa xxx 

Lisa Hats

Lisa's Hats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on my stock and orders I can normally get a hat made and sent within 3-4 working days. Can often make that day and send out. 

Captain hats and top hats may take longer

Most hats are one size however I do include a foam insert which can be cut to size if needed
Visors and headdresses are elasticated so will fit any size head

Hats are sent in sturdy boxes wrapped well

Every hat I make is a 1 off unless a group order is required and asked for

Any colour or text is possible

No hats cannot be returned as all hats are made to order

I can customise an item sent to me to match a hat

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